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University of Glasgow EPPE Students Launch Network Focused on Education and Equity

Former students of the MSc in Education, Public Policy and Equity at the School of Education, University of Glasgow have announced the development of a new international alumni community. The launch of the Education, Public Policy and Equity (EPPE) Network was marked this week by an official welcome event for the incoming 2018-19 MSc cohort in Glasgow, Scotland.

The EPPE Network was founded by three alumni - Angela Bravo, Ellen Vanderhoven and Cristian Celedón - with the valuable support of both the 2017-18 student cohort and the MSc EPPE programme leader, Dr Kristinn Hermannsson. The network, which focuses mainly on education policy and equity, is designed to promote an environment of permanent collaboration among current and former students, academics, researchers, education experts and global organizations associated with the postgraduate programme in order to support each one of its members’ efforts to promote positive change through education.

“The graduates of the MSc Education, Public Policy and Equity programme themselves have created a vital platform to enable future graduates to better engage with the education sector: the EPPE Network, a peer to peer network of alumni, teaching staff and other associates, where expertise and resources can be shared”.

Dr Kristinn Hermannsson

Membership is already highly diverse, including practitioners from Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, Nigeria, Mauritius, Peru, India, Chile, Indonesia, China and Iceland. Members represent a range of specialisms across the education sector in roles such as school teachers, policy-makers, university lecturers, researchers, activists and advisors. With the addition of the incoming 2018-19 cohort the EPPE Network will be welcoming practitioners from many other countries such as Pakistan, Greece, Ireland, and Bolivia, further expanding its reach and impact. The network will grow each year in order to create an influential, international community of changemakers in the field of education working collaboratively to promote equity and social justice in every corner of the world.

Dr Hermannsson remarked:

“I am confident that the ability of EPPE alumni to collaborate among themselves long after they have left Glasgow will have a positive impact on education policy globally and extend beyond the classroom, following the emphasis on interdisciplinary and equity inherent in the EPPE programme. It was always understood that the most vital resource of this programme would be its students. Now we can celebrate an additional resource: its graduates”.

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