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About the EPPE Network
Connecting Ideas Worldwide

Founded in 2018, the Education, Public Policy and Equity Network brings together alumni, academics, and researchers from the MSc EPPE programme at the University of Glasgow School of Education. Together we are working to produce positive change in the field of education. The network provides an invaluable source of information, support and inspiration to our members who work across the globe as policy-makers, educators, researchers, activists, business leaders and more. Through effective collaboration, international projects and mutual support, we aim to produce innovative solutions to the most entrenched forms of inequity within education.

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About the EPPE MSc programme

The MSc Education, Public Policy and Equity (EPPE) is an interdisciplinary postgraduate programme of the University of Glasgow School of Education (UK), which draws on sociology, political science and economics. It explores how equity in education influences equity in society and vice versa. Educational disadvantage and inequity do not exist in isolation from other forms of disadvantage. Therefore, this programme critically analyses the ability of education policy to influence wider social issues. The programme is composed of an international and interdisciplinary team of academics, who combine subject expertise with practical experience in education and public policy. This programme was developed by the Robert Owen Centre for Educational Change to address contemporary challenges of education policy. These arise as education serves an increasingly wide range of public policy aims relating to equity, health, social policy and the economy. Download the programme brochure (PDF) here

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