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The Future of Education and Public Policy

Two day event brings together academics, current students and alumni from the Education, Public Policy and Equity programme

Last week, The University of Glasgow hosted a two-day online event entitled 'The Future of Education and Public Policy'. The event ties into the School of Education's MSc in Education, Public Policy and Equity, a programme that has been running for 5 years and attracts a very international body of students. A new approach initiated this year, the talks and activities supported current EPPE students to interact with scholars and former students in the field of education and public policy.

Speakers and topics discussed over the course of the two days included:

  • Education as an agent for social change and the development of dynamic capability in schools (Niclas Rönnström, University of Stockholm, Sweden)

  • Introducing emotional capital to educational policy (Katerina Bodovski, Penn State University, USA)

  • International educational mobilities (Cora Xu, Durham University, UK)

  • Online education during the Pandemic (Cristina Costa, Durham University, UK)

  • Reframing resilience through a sociological perspective (Michael Mu, University of Queensland, Australia)

  • Publicness and intellectual work: rethinking academic freedom in the age of impact (Mark Murphy, University of Glasgow)

  • Curriculum whiteness in the UK (Christine Winter, University of Sheffield, UK)

  • Contested education: The Scottish public sphere and the counterpublics of Red Clydeside (Jonas Thoreson, University of Glasgow, UK, Phd student)

Abstracts of the all the speakers' contributions can be found here.

There was also an opportunity for current students to put their questions to alumni. Many were particularly interested in what skills, experience, and contacts are most useful when preparing for a career in education and public policy. This highlighted the role that the EPPE Network plays in maintaining networks built through the masters beyond graduation, signposting vacancies and networking opportunities, and offering valuable professional experience through involvement in our blog or projects such as EPPE Lab.

The hope is that this will become a yearly event to support students' engagement with international colleagues and help build relationships across the sector – building on the existing work of the EPPE Network.

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