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Three Generations of EPPE Students Celebrate Graduation

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

18th December 2019

This month, another cohort of successful students graduated from the MSc Education, Public Policy and Equity programme at the University of Glasgow. As the masters programme at the core of our network, it was only right that the EPPE Network host an event to congratulate and thank the latest cohort of alumni for their hard work.

Students and alumni from three of the four MSc EPPE cohorts were present, in what was an unusual opportunity to meet like-minded professionals from all over the world and share stories of the programme. Several members discovered mutual interests and ambitions and the event proved to be a fruitful networking opportunity.

Speaking at the event, Dr Kristinn Hermannsson - former Programme Director and EPPE Network Associate Fellow - reinforced the value of maintaining connections across the different cohorts. Given our shared commitment to tackling inequity in education, it is crucial that we maintain a global and cross-sectoral perspective on our work. The highly diverse EPPE environment provides the perfect context in which to do so.

It was also a chance for Members and Associate Fellows to catch up on their latest projects. Professor Michele Schweisfurth, Dr Mark Murphy, Dr Barabara Read and Dr Dong Nyugen all attended, taking the opportunity to hear about graduating students' plans for the future and reconnect with past cohorts. Most encouraging was the number of current EPPE students who attended, recognising the invaluable opportunity to learn from past students about how to succeed on the programme and beyond. The annual celebratory event is fast becoming an EPPE Network tradition and we look forward to bringing cohorts past and present together for many more years to come!

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