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Mauritius - EPPE Cohort 2017-18
Educator, Rodrigues Regional Assembly

Joseph has accumulated more than ten years of experience in the educational field as a teacher, curriculum designer, textbook writer and researcher. He holds a Diploma in Education, a BSc in Educational and Instructional Technologies from the University of Mauritius and an MSc in Education, Public Policy and Equity from the University of Glasgow. He was a recipient of the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders USA (2016) and the Chevening Scholarship UK (2017). Joseph is now completing a Masters of Education in Educational Management and Leadership in Mauritius and is involved locally in the promotion of Creole language and the implementation of mother tongue education policies. Across his work, Joseph is focused on inclusive and equitable quality education. His key interests include evaluation of policies' impact on equity in education and the reproduction of socioeconomic inequalities that go on to impact sustainable economic, social and environmental development in Mauritius and Rodrigues.

Joseph Jean Noel Jolicoeur: TeamMember
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