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Nigeria - EPPE Cohort 2017-18
Consultant, UN Financing for Development Office

A budding International Development expert from Nigeria, Esomchi is presently an International Consultant with the United Nations Financing. Here, he supports economic analysis for the Financing for Sustainable Development report. Before completing the MSc Education, Public Policy and Equity programme at the University of Glasgow, Esomchi completed a Bachelor of Science in Economics at the University of Nigeria. He is an affiliate member of the Sustainable Futures in Africa Network; an interdisciplinary collective that brings together researchers, educators, and communities of practice that acknowledge the situated and complex nature of practices and conceptions of sustainability. Esomchi intends to focus his professional career on evidence-based policymaking and his interests lie in sustainable development, economic inequality, access to basic education, and gender inequality.

Esomchi Agalamanyi: TeamMember
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