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The Education, Public Policy and Equity Network (UK) and the Talent Research and Development Centre at the Universidad Católica del Norte (Chile) invite school teachers to participate in the first EPPE Lab (Education, Public Policy and Equity Laboratory) – Chile Program 2019.

What is EPPE Lab?

EPPE Lab aims to support and empower teachers as enquiring practitioners through the implementation of professional learning projects in schools using Participatory Action Research methods. Teachers who participate in the program will be able to develop expertise and knowledge in Participatory Action Research, supporting them to promote evidence-based education in their daily practice. The program includes an initial theoretical stage - comprising several taught modules - and a practical stage, which will offer participants the opportunity to lead and implement real research projects in their schools, supervised by one national and one international education expert.

Schools selected for the 2019 programme

Mario Bahamondes Silva Secondary School (Antofagasta, Chile)

Valentin Letelier Primary School (Calama, Chile)

General Oscar Bonilla Secondary School (Antofagasta, Chile)

República de Chile Primary School (Calama, Chile)

San Antonio Multi-grade Hospital School (Antofagasta, Chile)

EPPE Network Members: Call for notes of interest

We are recruiting International Advisers from among our membership to support our Participatory Action Research project - EPPE LAB Chile 2019. If you are passionate about participatory techniques and practitioner research, you could help support school teachers in Chile as they undertake action research, in many cases for the first time. Using your professional experience and international perspective, you would work alongside local academics to support budding action researchers.

The commitment would involve a minimum of 3 video conferences over Summer 2019. Spanish language proficiency is welcomed but not required. More details will be coming soon in this week's blog. To express your interest, contact us on

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