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Chile - EPPE Cohort 2017-2018
Education Specialist, Teaching and Learning Centre at University of Chile

Cristian holds a Bachelors degree in Psychology from the Universidad Católica del Norte (Chile) and an MSc in Education, Public Policy and Equity from the University of Glasgow (UK), alongside various professional training accreditations from other institutions such as Columbia University (USA), UCL Institute of Education (UK), University of Texas at San Antonio (USA), Creative Education Foundation (USA), Icesi Univesity (Colombia), Inter-American Development Bank and the Instituto Andaluz de Tecnología (Spain). Cristian was formerly Director of the Laboratory of Education and USQAI Innovation Unit at the Universidad Católica del Norte. Due to his contributions in those positions, he was recognised as Honorary Lecturer by the university. Cristian was also founder and general manager of different agencies related to education and human resources in Chile. He is particularly interested in projects linked to education innovation and the promotion of school, classroom and teacher effectiveness in contexts of social vulnerability in Latin America. Currently, he is Education Specialist in the Teaching and Learning Centre at University of Chile (Chile). Also, he is Associate Advisor at the Universidad Católica del Norte (Chile) and an independent Education Consultant.

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