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Mexico - Associate Fellow

Technical Secretary at the Federal Education Authority of Mexico City

Carolina holds a Law Degree and a Masters in Constitutional Rights and Advocacy from Guadalajara University (Mexico). In addition, she holds a Diploma in Public Policy for Gender Equity from Monterrey TEC and a Diploma in Conflict Resolution form Guadalajara University. Currently, she is the Permanent Technical Secretary at the Federal Education Authority of Mexico City, charged with the design, development and supervision of public and federal policies for primary schools, as well as the development and supervision of professional training programmes for teachers in Mexico City. Previously, she was General Director for strategic education programmes at the Education Department of Jalisco. As a volunteer, Carolina has been working with several NGOs and civil and community organizations in Mexico related to education, gender equity, human rights, inclusive education and LGBT rights. She is particularly interested in projects linked to education equity and inclusion, gender equity and the promotion of effective public education in vulnerable communities. She is currently supporting the EPPE Network, acting as a columnist, mentor and education specialist for the EPPE_Lab Programme in Latin America.

Carolina Plascencia: TeamMember
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