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United Kingdom - EPPE Cohort 2017-18
Business Program Coordinator for Western China, ASDAN China

Originally, Sinead's background is in criminology and sociology. She later specialized in primary education, specifically compulsory education and curriculum development in mainland China. After completing the MSc Education, Public Policy and Equity, she has returned to China. Her she has begun working with charities which aim to support the educational and emotional development of 'left-behind' children in rural Sichuan province, with whom she is now in the process of developing a series of 'left-behind' kids clubs in remote Sichuanese communities. Sinead is currently working for ASDAN China as Business Program Coordinator for Western China. ASDAN China offer diverse skills-based courses, curricula and international cultural exchanges accompanied by internationally recognized certification for students looking to expand their educational and real-world experiences. Sinead's particular interests include educational development in underdeveloped and hard-to-reach areas, social justice and empowerment through education, and the impact of globalisation on development and education.

Sinead Mckinlay: TeamMember
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