Ireland - EPPE Cohort 2018-20
Postgraduate Student

Rebecca is currently undertaking the MSc in Education, Public Policy and Equity in the University of Glasgow, part-time (2018-2020). Rebecca holds a BA Honors degree in Applied Social Studies in Social Care from the Waterford Institute of Technology, where she first became interested in educational disadvantage. In Ireland, she has volunteer and work experience in NGOs, working with children and adults with intellectual and physical disabilities. Rebecca also has experience working in educational disadvantage in the spheres of early-childhood intervention, and vocational education for Traveller youth. Rebecca has taught English and Content Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) in Spain and Italy and was a Homeroom Kindergarten Teacher and a Grade 2 Social Studies Teacher in a private school in the United Arab Emirates. Her interests include holistic inclusion in education, compassionate management for educators and gender-neutral pedagogy.

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