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EPPE Network Welcomes New Masters Cohort

This week I had the pleasure of welcoming the newest cohort of students to the MSc Education, Public Policy and Equity programme. This year, the cohort has grown significantly to nearly 30 students representing a wide variety of professional backgrounds. While some have already been working in the education sector for some time, others are transitioning from law, politics, criminal justice and the not-for-profit sector. It is exciting to see such a diverse group of people who recognise the importance and power of education for social justice. It is already clear that this year's cohort approaches debates around education and equity with a critical, informed and passionate eye.

It is also encouraging to see such an international cohort, with students hailing from 12 countries across 5 continents. I know from my own experience how valuable it is to have a broad range of perspectives represented in classroom discussions and there is an enormous amount to be learned from sharing experiences that span differing cultures and political systems.

This year's cohort originate from 12 countries across 5 continents. Map created with Matador Network.

We are delighted as well that so many of the students have already joined the EPPE Network and are keen to become active members of our community. New members include Panchalee Tamulee, Farah Farzana, Lindsay Nygren, Nicola Hughes and Ebenezer Argorsor and we strongly encourage everyone to take a look at their member profiles and learn more about their backgrounds and their interests. We hope that there will many fruitful opportunities for collaboration as we welcome this new group of engaged professionals to the EPPE Network.

One new member, Madi Fenton, outlined her motivations for joining the MSc EPPE programme:

"As a former classroom teacher, I began to realise that there were so many other factors from above that affected my job and my students. This programme allows me to explore these factors in depth, viewing them using an educational lens, and gives me opportunities to apply this knowledge to real-world issues around the globe."

Megan Birman meanwhile underlined how the EPPE Network would be a vital support network as she transitions from a background in Sociology:

"I am excited to work with the EPPE network to connect with alumni and professionals in the field. I hope to learn more about their experiences and research, and how I can apply my interests into this field of work."

New members (from left) Marilena, Madi and Megan

Next week, new members will be meeting again to discuss collaborative contributions to the EPPE Network blog. We are excited to publish articles which showcase the diverse knowledge of our newest members and are informed by such a broad range of professional specialisms. Keep an eye on the blog over the coming months to learn more from our growing community of professionals committed to addressing inequity in and through education.


If you are interested in joining the EPPE Network and haven't done so yet, simply register here and email a professional headshot to Don't forget to follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to keep up to date with EPPE Network news.

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